Adobe AIR TextField bug when resetting HTML text.

I ran into a really strange issue that only occurs within Adobe AIR applications (AIR 1.5.1/1.5.2). When I create a TextField control, set it’s style, and then assign it HTML text it appears fine. However, if I wish to reset that TextField content and the original content has links, the entire replaced content becomes one HTML link. I think the issue can be better explained with some images and some code samples.
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Truncating HTML Text

With Flex truncating text within a Label control is easily done by setting the property “truncateToFit” to true. This parameter doesn’t do much when using the Text or TextArea controls in Flex. To truncate text in these controls you would have to build your own function to count characters and add the ellipses. There is one good example of creating your own custom Text control that truncates the text in the same manner as the Label control based on size of the control.
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Flex: Export valid HTML from the RichTextEditor

A recent post on the Flex Coders forum prompted me to create a method to clean up the HTML code produced by the Flex RichTextEditor component. Typically, the code that is produced looks like this from the line:

This is <b> Bold </b> text.

<FONT FACE="Verdana" SIZE="10" COLOR="#0B333C">
This is <b> Bold </b>text.

Now that is a lot of extra code and some of it, though ignored by the browser, is just code used only by Flex (or Flash). What is needed is a way to clean the code and make it more standard so you can store in the database and use in more places than just Flex. Using RegExp, I created a small function that strips out the invalid code and leaves:

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