Flex: Phoenix Traffic Cams

Phoenix Traffic Cams is a Flex application using traffic cam data from the Arizona Department of Transportation. This was one of my very first Flex projects and the application is still rocking after 4 years of service, it also happens to be the very first post for this blog. I am surprised that ADOT hasn’t asked to have the code or remove it entirely, it’s certainly better than there current interface.

Currently, only 5 of the 7 major freeways are implemented at this time. If you have ever visited the ADOT traffic cam site, you would know that the Flex application is a great improvement upon the looks and functionality of that site. We are basically doing a screen scrape to get the needed information, along with some XML to create the menu and list of cameras.

This application was created by Larry Drolet and myself during our Flex training session at Almer/Blank Warehouse Training Facility in Los Angeles. Ah, good times :).

PHT Snapshot