WordPress Email & CrystalTech

After setting up by WordPress blog with my new host CrystalTech, I had some initial trouble getting the blog email to work properly. I did an extensive search for a solution but could not find a good solution that worked. I tried a few different solutions from the fragments of information I found searching the net and the CrystalTech public forums. Here is the solution I arrived at, be warned, I am not a PHP expert and there may be a more elegant solution.

In the root level of your WordPress blog (if its not the root of your site), open up the wp-config.php file and just above the phrase

/* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */

Add the following code:

/* Specify your SMTP Server, Port and Valid From Address */

Replace with your official CrystalTech domain and your real email of course. This fix allows me to receive email when users post a comment or use the contact form.

The original PHP code comes from Joshua Donzello, Dedicated Support Team. View the forum discussion here. CrystalTech has a great support team and I have been very satisfied with their service and pricing.


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