Carcasting – what geeks to do for fun!

When I got my iPod last year I also purchased a Kensington iPod FM transmitter/auto charger for the CRV (that’s right, I drive your mom’s car). The trick with having  an FM transmitter is finding the right station to play your tunes.  Well, this got me thinking.  There is really only a finite set of stations that are totally “dead” and work well for receiving my iPod transmission and the transmitter says it can transmit in a radius of about 16 feet.    So, what happens if I pull up next to someone who has their radio station on the same frequency setting as my transmitter?  

Well, my friend and I set out to perform a little experiment.   I was transmitting on my regular station and she turned her car stereo to the same station while following me (close).  It worked!  She was able to clearly pick up my carcast within about a 16 ft distance of my vehicle (which makes for some interesting driving :D).  I know, it seems obvious that it would work, but these are the things I think about while driving 30 minutes to work each day, what can I say. 

My next thought was why not jack up the frequency on these car transmitters and broadcast for a city block.   I could even imagine minivans with advertisement on the side broadcasting over a wide area, both visually with the banners and also by indicating which station to turn to to listen to their message.  Like they did back in the day when they mounted load speakers on the top of their cars.  I also thought about dueling transmitters, the strong over powering the weaker signals.   Anyways, this is a real testament to just how much of a geek I really am, so now you know :D.