Adobe Showcases nGen

Adobe recent published a showcase article about my nGen project.  This is a project I worked on for the W. P. Carey School of Business in Tempe, Ariziona.   Larry Drolet and I basically created a complete online course management and delivery system entirely in Flash.   The project is not as polished as I had hoped because of the usual politics and management decisions made within the college environment (which are basically opposite of what you would do in a real business).     Larry and I really had to make up for many of the short comings of Flash 7/8 when we developed this project.  One of our biggest hurdles was overcoming the HTML 1.0 standard that Flash uses to display HTML text.  I still believe this is the biggest hurdle when creating Flash/Flex projects as we go forward with other initiatives.    If developers don’t have the ability to support fundamental HTML standards, how can we replace current web applications that rely on HTML formatting to display rich text.  Well, it was a struggle that we did manage to overcome with some unique programming solutions.     Please check out the article and also review the demo application site.


  1. We miss you Mike! Please come back! Seriously though, I hope you are doing well in your new home. – EWT

  2. Aw.. thanks, Beverly Hills is working out very nice. The people here are really great. We should have a beta release some time in late Janauary. Larry is also here working, he sits right behind me in fact. Hopa all is well at ASU.

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