Adobe Flash Lite 2.1 and T-Mobile Dash

Happy New Years!  I just purchased a new phone, the T-Mobile Dash.  The phone uses the Windows Mobile 5, Smart Phone edition.    I love this phone, it has a great user interface, feels great in the hand, and it does a fine job with Internet, messaging, and mail services.  


The Dash also allowed me to install the new Flash Lite 2.1 Player and SDK.    I only wish that Adobe would include some means to play FLV files on mobile devices.  You see all the chatter about the Adobe Flash Lite player on the web, and its mostly about how to see Google and YouTube videos on your mobile device.  Providing FLV ability would be a huge boost to Flash Lite on mobile devices.      I would also like to see some type of file upload ability with the mobile player, maybe next Flash Lite 3?   


  1. The TMob Dash must already have some form of Flash installed on it as a factory preset because the “MyFavs” screen (the somewhat cartoonish rotation of your 5 free numbers) is a .SWF file. They must have hidden it deep in the Windows folder of the OS. There are no automatic file associations with other .SWF files either. Strange too, because the MyFavs is not a standalone exe projector.

  2. Wow, that is really interesting. I installed the Flash stand alone player on my Dash to run FlashLite apps. Hmm… I wonder if there is a hack to expose the built in player. How did you know it was a SWF file for the Favs icon, where did you find it?

  3. Also, find the “Mt5.swf” in the windows folder of the Dash and download a copy onto your computer desktop. You can open it in Flash, and see the variables and scripts in the debugger.

    It appears that this was not developed specifically for the Dash in mind (other than the aspect ratio)–it was a port from a generic design. If you open up the .SWF in a computer flashplayer, you can drag the window larger and see other elements.

    I have a feeling that the “MyFavs.exe” in the Dash is actually the Flashplayer, which calls the “My5.swf”

  4. It is located in the hidden windows folder of Tmob’s wm5 installation (assuming you have the myfaves plan). If you have Flash (the programming suite, and maybe even the player) installed on your computer, the file (My5.swf) shows up with the silver flash icon–really easy to spot if you are used to making them.

    I assume that making a Flash SWF file that would display (on the Dash) the location of the projector would be ideal. You would just need to name is My5.swf and load it into the windows folder. I will test that out when I have time to look into the actionscript that would make this happen. If you are going to try it, make sure to copy the My5.swf first before replacing it with the test swf.

  5. Does anyone know when flash support will come out for the Dash? It would be really awesome to be ale to see embedded flash in opera and ie.

    Also this is the first google link for “flash tmobile dash” so I figure its not a ad place to ask.

  6. You can get the Flashlite 2.1 player cab file here:

    The site is even formatted to view on a Dash. One you install it, Flashlite (Embedded properly) will appear in-browser. The only problem now is finding good websites with Flashlite content. The only way I could confirm that you can have in-browser was by writing a test HTML page with the proper embed technique for Flashlite.



    No, because Flashlite 2.1 or any other previous version will only play Flashlight files. It can not handle regular Flash files due to rendering limitations, Actionscript limitations, and for 99% of people out there, device limitations.

    It is like I said, there is almost no online content for embeded Flashlite right now. Someone needs to create a good mobile site.

  9. …..but I forgot to mention that Youtube has a mobile site now.

    They coded the video to 3PG. Mildly entertaining, but they lost alot of the Youtube-esque features such as video uploading and hotlinking.

  10. can some 1 please tell me how can i install Flash lite on T-Mobile Dash.

  11. Just navigate to the surreal networks site I posted above on your Dash using PIE. You can download the cab directly from that site. When the download finishes, it will prompt you for the installation. If for some strange reason you do not have a data connection with your Dash, download the file with any computer and install via active sync (USB tether with MS Activesync software – free on MS’s website).

  12. Has anyone extracted the MyFavs.exe and My5.swf files and tried them on an unlocked Q or Blackjack? I have a Blackjack on T-Mobile with myFaves and would love it. Can’t find a place where anyone has tried to port it out.

  13. I honestly don’t think it would work for many reasons. To start, the MyFavs application is not actually an EXE application, but just a SWF file named My5.swf. Because it isn’t a stand-alone player, your device would have to be able to by .swf capable and also would have to have the proper file associations.

    The .swf file makes frequent script calls to external variables ranging from pictures to phone functions. Because the names and file paths might not be the same, you may not get full functionality on a different device than the programmers intended. Even though this is WM5 or WM6, there are different vendor versions of the OS, as they are considered the specific phone’s firmware.

    Finally, there are a few associated files that would need to be properly re-written or adapted for your device.

  14. It has been said that the servers are having issues with connections lower than 70k down, which means Tmob and AT&T’s Edge networks can’t provide the necessary speeds 50% of the time. Edge should be faster, but it typically isn’t. I have received up to 160k down, but that is very inconsistent. My average is probably 75k down. Your results will vary depending on where you live, but Edge can go up to 230k down, hardware depending.

    You can tell this is the case if you have a wifi enabled phone. The videos play smoothly when on wifi, but that takes the “M” out of

    People on 3g networks (Verizon and Sprints EV-DO RevA & AT&T’s HSDPA/UMTS) will get more out of this than us lowly North American Tmobers.

    If you are using GPRS/WAP, then forget about it all together.

  15. I was wondering if there is a way to view videos from a website like myspace. I am able to pull up the mobile site but it will ont allow me to play any videos…can someone help me out please

  16. i downloaded flashlite 2.1 but when i click on the video on the youtube mobile site it brings me to windows media player and gives me an error, does this happen to anyone else

  17. How do I watch google video on T mobile Dash that uses windows mobile 6 ? I see the flash player for windows mobile 5, but I don’t see flash player designed for windows mobile 6. Can anyone help me out ?

  18. The simplest, easiest way to watch videos on your Dash is to download a program called vTap. I have it on my phone and it basically searches for videos on sites such as youtube and others and you can play it. Fast, easy, but most of all works! Now sometimes depending on your service strength the buffering stops videos and continues. Gets annoying sometimes! enjoy! Email me if you have any questions.

  19. oh wow i have da same phone and i love all the features and stuff on this phone especially the music player

  20. Radio stations now stream live over the web. Does anyone know how to make this work on the DASH? Adobe flash player is required is there a way around this?

    Thank You,

  21. The “problem” has been solved. Using HTC Streaming Media you can watch YouTube, Google, MySpace etc video plus listen to Streaming radio or watch streaming Tv stations. My blog details the process.. not hard to do, download a .CAB file nad you are ready to go.

  22. i downloaded flash lite 2.1 and i can play youtube moblie videos windows media player tells me that there is a error can some one help me

  23. Good Luck Chris i dont think its gonna happen anytime soon… i’ve been messing with this thing for 2 days and downloading like crazy to tryto figure out how to play videos and it seems i cant either… even regular videos i put on my storage card do not play


    YOUTUBE VIDEOS on your dash is this what your looking for

  25. I would like to download the adobe Flash 2.1 and the SDK, I tried and couldn’t download, please send me the site to download, thanks.

  26. hey i just got the dash 2days ago and im havin a hard time tryin to watch movies. i cant download flash player. also when i go to youtube it takes me to windows media player then says error can anyone help me by sendin a link or sumtin to download flash… email me @ or text me 3475528182 asap danks

  27. umm..can u help me..does the flash lite 2.1 works on nokia 5310 express music?? i know its not relevant..i just need help..please help me..and where i could download it??

  28. I have a Dash and I would like to play an online playlist on my phone. It states that I need to install Adobe Flash Player when I login to the playlist. Any solutions or am I just out of luck?

  29. Dear tech answer dudearino’s,
    I have been trying to install a flash player and reader in my T-Mobile tap phone for nearly 2 months now! I cant get anything to work! Sure I can get the document to download to my files, but it wont activate. I have the heiwai, model, (not sure on the spelling)

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