New Flex Doc Team Blog

There is a blog site called Flex Doc Team lists updated documentation and examples from the Flex Documentation Team.  They currently list updated documents for the new Module tag and Data Binding.    I been experimenting with the Module tag for a bit and there are some little “gotchas” involved with its implementation.  

Right now I am trying to figure out the best way to implement Modules within the Cairngorm framework.  I am also wondering if it is best to create modules outside of the project or internally.   I am leaning toward external module creation because I can then exclude class files that are already contained in my main architecture.   My initial tests suggests that the SWF size of the modules is not reduced when you have it part of your main project.    However, the down side to creating modules external to the project is that it can become messy when you must duplicate parts of your application in two places.   There are a few posts about this on Flexcoders group and one from “</web:Hammer/>” about how to possibly set up module-based projects.

For a full discussion and method for working with modules and Cairngorm, check out Web:Hammer’s original post on the topic. This method seems complicated but really reduces the size of your loaded modules as it uses link reports to exclude classes from the modules that are located in the main application.

As for binding, the documents emphasize using Binding Utilities class and and the {} method.   It might just be my impression, but they seem to down play the use of the <mx:Binding> tag.   I have never been able to get the <mx:Binding> tag to fire reliably and consistently in my applications.   The <mx:Binding> tag should fire each time the data is updated, but my tests prove otherwise.  Perhaps this is why they discussion in the documentation updates focuses on using the mx.binding.utils and using the {} binding methods.

For my projects I ended up using an observer utility class. I found an excellent one found at Paul William’s blog titled “The world’s smallest tag“.

– Mister