FITC Hollywood 2007

I was asked to speak at this years FITC conference located at Universal Studios, Hollywood.   I will be co-presenting with my co-worker Larry Drolet.  Our presentation is called “Concepts on AIR”.  We will demonstrated some basic AIR concepts such as system chrome, drag and drop, and system notification.   We will also present some pretty cool sample applications.   One is called Oxygen, a file management application that manages the Xdrive storage service platform for individual accounts.   

Oxygen is build with Flex and AIR technology and uses the open Xdrive API.  Xdrive will soon release version 1.2 of the JSON API. Oxygen is running this latest JSON release. Oxygen is a great concept piece as it shows how easy it is to take your web-based Flex applications and port them to the desktop.  Oxygen shares about 90% of the same code as Bluestring (

Another cool application is called Wormhole.  Its basically a mashup with AIM and Xdrive API’s.  This application really takes advantage of the system chrome features in Flex and offers a very geeked out way to share files (think Stargate).   If you are in the Los Angeles area and have some time, stop by the FITC conference and check out all of the presentations. My presentation description can be found here along with my speaker profile.   The presentation slides are listed below using Adobe Share:

– Mister


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