Get ready to breathe some AIR with Oxygen

Xdrive is coming out with a new desktop client called Oxygen that will manage their online storage service using Adobe AIR and FlexLarry Drolet and I first discussed Oxygen at a recent FITC conference in Hollywood. Oxygen was first designed as a proof of concept application using Flex, AIR, and the Xdrive JSON API version 1.2.  Since that event, I and other dedicated individuals have been heads-down coding for the past few months, taking full advantage of the pre-release version of Adobe AIR and Flex 3.   Our hope is to have a viable client delivered by sometime in February.   Oxygen will do basic file management and easy file sharing of any file type and folders of files.  It was designed to be simpler to use than the current Xdrive web interface, but its not meant to replace the current backup application for Xdrive. Oxygen introduce a cleaner and easier way for managing your storage and sharing needs.  Basic management features include new folder, rename, delete, move, upload, and download.


Xdrive interface showing your remote Xdrive files and your local drives.  You can drag files between the two views to perform upload and download.

Xdrive sharing features allow you to email assets, embed assets in a blog or web page, and check manage your shared assets.

In addition, this would be the first ever cross-platform desktop application built by Xdrive.   Users can install the AIR runtime environment for Mac or PC and run the Oxygen application.    This gives Mac users (which I am one) the ability to manage their Xdrive storage and share from the desktop. AIR allows us to do auto-updates, asynchronous file transfer and queuing, drag-n-drop files from the desktop, local file system browsing, folder upload with zip.   AIR also gives the ability to build our application using Flex. This makes for a better user experience and we could reuse existing code from Bluestring.      

Xdrive file viewer widget allows you to embed a single asset or a folder of assets on your blog.

Another feature we wanted to provide was the ability for users to embed individual assets or folders of assets on their personal blog or web page.  The new file viewer widget allows users to share all file types (zip, PDF, image, word, excel, video).  Users can download the files directly from the widget.   The widget has a list view and simple navigation system.  To get access to the widget from Oxygen, simple click and select embed code from any file or folder. 

So that everyone knows that I am not giving away the farm, the information in this post is within the public domain.  Oxygen was just shown at the recent CES show in Las Vegas and you can find a lot of positive articles on the new direction Xdrive is taking with Oxygen and Flex.  Here is a small list of articles about Oxygen:

Download Squad

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I can’t say any exact dates or even confirm any exact features since we are still under development.   I can say that we don’t plan on stopping with just the basic features of AIR, there is a lot to explore with AIR and we will be going forward with additions to Oxygen in the future.   



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