Megadeth is alive and well in Bangaluru

And so am I…. I am entering my third week of my month long stay in Bangalore (Bangaluru to the locals). Bangalore can best be described as being under construction or in a transitional state. The big IT boom started here about 5-6 years ago. This caused a major influx of IT professionals and large companies building new remote locations within the city. The office is located at the new Ecospace location and within these walls the office feels like any other office. The water cooler gurgles away, the coffee machine is in frequent use. Herman miller chairs and cubes as far as you the eye can see. Outside the office is somewhat different. The streets are a bit teaming with cars, people and animals unconcerned with what happens in these walls. The environment is not what you might be used to coming from Los Angeles. Traffic rules are not often followed, everything is a bit chaotic, and services I have come accustomed to are missing or completely different. Bangalore is not a place to walk freely or easily cross the streets, its dangerous for pedestrians. Bangalore has a lot of economic differences between those in the shiny new offices and those many living outside the campus border, this is evident as you travel around the city.

Megadeth, Bangalore

However, this is changing rapidly, Bangalore is going through great growth from all the companies moving here and trying to establish themselves. New services and jobs are sprouting up in all directions. Next month there will be a brand new airport opening and soon to follow will be a metro transit system. I am not sure I can judge Bangalore as good or bad, but only that is outside my perception, I do not possess the cultural or historic knowledge to view Bangalore other than as an outsider. The people I work with are generous and thoughtful, they are happy and that happiness must come from some knowledge about Bangalore that I don’t yet posses, but I can accept that there is something more below the surface.

One thing I do know, they like Megadeth and I think hard bands in general. The weekend I depart Bangalore, Megadeth will arrive. So the mystery of this bands longevity has been solved at least for me, they are here, where IT is flocking, where people are merging to live lives and work. Megadeth, like me, are remnants of the 80’s, and here we both are. I suspect as people read this post they assume I am completely “off my head”, or that the vegetarian diet has deprived my brain of essential fatty substances to function. Rest assured I am my wits and I am just letting this post flow from me as I too am just going through a transitional state. One can not visit a place for so long without some inevitable change.

I have some time left here to ponder and see where my mind is upon my return. I will then have a moment to reflect back to this time in Bangalore and perhaps find something more meaningful to say. Unfortunately, my departure in a week or so means I will miss Megadeth. But for those of you from the west traveling here at the end of the month, pick up some tickets, see what happens when you mix hard rock with new tech and just a dash of old culture…its got to be interesting.

– Mister