Cairngorm Plugin for Flex

If you are a heavy user or closet fan of Cairngorm (like me) then you would be interested in knowing that there is a new Cairngorm plug-in out from Adobe that generates some of the Cairngorm code automatically from Flex Builder 3. Also read some of the notes that Brian Deitte wrote after attending the Adobe MAX session “RIA Development with Cairngorm: Tips from the Experts” which I unfortunately did not attend. Brian will also be on the newly formed Cairngorm Committee which will guide the future of Cairngorm

Cairngorm Plugin

Just one small problem I ran into when installing the plugin, I received the following error:

Cairngorm Plugin ( requires plug-in "org.eclipse.emf.codegen".

To resolve this, I selected the Europa Discovery Site from the wizard along with the Caingrom plugin option created by following the installation instructions. I then used the “Select Required” button to install the needed eclipse plugins for codegen that are required by the Cairngorm plug-in. This installs the EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework).


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  1. I did some cursory checking on Labs and at the Adobe site but couldn’t find the plug-in. Do you have a link? Thanks!

  2. @Paul, the link to the Cairngorm plugin page is in the post, maybe its not visible, but its the bold green link “Cairngorm Plugin”. This page describes how to install the plugin using Eclipse. Other than the provided link, I have no other Adobe related links for the plugin.


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