SuperImage Redux, caching images in Flex List

I have been meaning for so long to post this code. Some time ago I had the pleasure of working with John Yanarella from Universal Mind. John was helping my employer at the time to put together an application that allows users to upload, manage, and share media assets. We needed an efficient way to cache and display images to optimize the performance of loading and viewing a large number of thumbnails.


Last year Ely Greenfield posted on his blog QuietlyScheming a way to end images from flickering when you display them in a Flex List control. Ely created a new component called SuperImage that replaces the Flex Image control. SuperImage fixes a few issues with the current Image control layout in addition to adding the ability to cache loaded images to stop them from constantly reloading (causing the flicker when scrolling a list).

SuperImage Update

In our project we wanted use SuperImage, but what we wanted was for SuperImage to behave more like the Flex Image control. Specifically we wanted the control to broadcast the same standard events as the Image control; ioError, securityError, imageComplete, progress, completem, completeEffect. The new SuperImage also implements IDataRenderer, IDropInListItemRenderer, and IListItemRenderer interfaces. John Yanarella did a great job cleaning up the SuperImage control and add the missing functionality. We ended up not using the SuperImage and instead used a simpler implementation for caching the Image control.


Below is an example similar to Ely’s SuperImage that demonstrates the problem (on the left) with the Image control and the fix (on right) using the updated SuperImage. This example also shows a text dump of events broadcast from the new SuperImage control.


One thing the updated SuperImage still lacks is the ability to display loaded SWF files. Since our company never used the code in any project and it was based on Ely’s code, I thought it only fair to repost the update and the code for everyone to use as needed. If anyone has an further updates to the code or suggestions to fix the SWF loading issue, please post them here and I will continue to update the component.


You can download the code for the above project here. You will need your own Flickr API key to make the application work. Be sure to also read Ely’s original post to see the other benefits of SuperImage. Many thanks to John Yanarella who actually did the coding on the project, I finally posted it as I promised him many months ago :).



  1. “We ended up not using the SuperImage and instead used a simpler implementation for caching the Image control.”

    What was your implementation? If it was simple, I would like to hear about it.

    Thank you

    1. Ted,

      I will post the code for the simple cache solution tonight or this weekend. Basically it just caches the Bitmap data using an ArrayCollection and a Dictionary to do lookup of stored image names. But it works solid.

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