Phoenix Traffic Android Mobile Application built with AIR

UPDATE 4/04/2012
The application has been migrated from Adobe AIR for Android to a native Android application. Still available in the market under the same name.

I recently released the Phoenix Traffic application on the Android market. The application was built using CS5 rather than Flex. I also created my own custom scrolling list that works in AS3 for iPhone and Android. You can find out more on this post:

Phoenix Traffic Released in Android Market

AS3 Scrolling List for Android and iOS

Original Post

I developed a simple Flex 4 application targeting AIR for Android. For this application, I used Flex to build a somewhat smaller version of a previous application that uses XML data to display a list Phoenix traffic cameras locations and images. The images are updated on an set interval and locations are selected from a list of freeways and intersections for each traffic camera.

Initially, I built the application in Flash, but ran into some issues and annoyances with creating a proper list that worked with the Multitouch events for capturing user gestures on multitouch devices like Android.

The Flex 4 list has support for TouchEvent. However, it’s still difficult to differentiate between the different TouchEvent’s being fired (TouchEvent.TOUCH_BEGIN, TouchEvent.TOUCH_MOVE, TouchEvent.TOUCH_END, TouchEvent.TAP). As a result, the list has a tendency to select items while scrolling the list.

Here are some screen shots of the application running on my NexusOne:


The Flex preloader was replaced with a simple splash screen graphic.

Simple list of freeways.

Once you select a freeway, you see list of camera locations for that freeway.

Selecting a camera takes displays the live camera image accompanied by two still images for direction.

This was my first run at doing Android and I can see some potential. Deploying AIR application from Flex 4 to your Android device is pretty easy, though nothing like the experience publishing from Flash CS5. The applications tend to be a little robust, hopefully this will be resolved with the release of the Halo components which are designed specifically for mobile devices.

To build your own AIR for Android applications, you need an Android device running Android 2.2 which supports Flash Player 10.1 and AIR. you also need to sign up for the AIR for Android Prerelease program. There are some good example applications with code starting to appear, including a scrolling list. Here are the posts I referenced used building this application:

Flex 4 List Scrolling on Android with Flash Player 10.1
“VoiceNotes for Android”: Sample App using Flex, AIR, and the Microphone API
AIR on Android: TweetrApp Video walk-through
Employee Directory Sample Application Using Flex and AIR for Android – Updated for Froyo
Flex 4 Application Handling Touch Events on Android with Flash Player 10.1

– Mister


    1. Yeah, I have been working on a AS3 list for both Android and iPhone deployment, but its tough going. I can’t get everything exact, some of the code I ported over from your Flex List example.

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