AIR for Android: Phoenix Traffic Released in Android Market

Phoenix Traffic for Android

I finally released my first application into the Android Market. This application takes data for Phoenix traffic cameras and displays live camera images. That part was simple enough, but deciding to go with either Flex or Flash for development was the hard part. Originally, I built the application using Flex 4 (this was pre-Hero and Burrito) and talked about it in a previous post. However, I found the Flex application to be memory intensive, lethargic, and the scrolling list functionality simply unusable.

For the final release of the application, I decided to use Flash CS5. This allowed me to build a somewhat smaller version of the application that could be easily be deployed using Adobe’s AIR technology for Android directly from Flash. As part of this project I built (or rather modified code from others) an AS3 scrolling list that responds to touch events and behaves similar to native Android scrolling lists.

In my opinion, the list still performs better than some of the current controls in being built for Flex Burrito. This might change in the near future, but for now, AS3 only applications on Android seem to be lighter and perform better than Flex. If you are interested, you can see the code and example files for the scrolling list here in this post.

To download the Phoenix Traffic application, you can visit the Phoenix Traffic application page from this site or just search for “Phoenix Traffic” in the Android Market. Please feel free to leave me any comments or feedback about the application. I will continue to tinker with the application and improve it over time.


This application has since been migrated from AIR to a native Android application.

– Mister


  1. you said: This application has since been migrated from AIR to a native Android application.
    can you tell us how ? using what language ? I am VERY interested !

  2. oh no .. that’s not what I wanted to hear … 😉 whilst AIR is good to get something working it’s not very efficient i.e. the swiping gesture is really irresponsive. impossible to use for a game .. so i was hoping they will export to native code .. just like they’ve been ‘forced’ to export to IOS native code..

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