Stand-Up (Standing) Desk Designs

Updated 5/24/2013

Finally after more than a month the finished standing desk is complete. Here is a photo of the desk when I reviewed the final product in the store. I found a furniture store that makes custom wooden furniture named Banaco (‎). I chose this store because the furniture they created was not only beautiful, but it it had a mid-century flare.

Standing Desk
In the store.

Standing Desk
At home

The view

Standing Desk
In use

The final desk ended up being a combination of features from Desk A and D designs. The main difference is the footrest now has a metal guard to project the wood when in the seated position.

Standing Desk (Original)

Lately I have been obsessed with stand-up or some call them standing desks. I work a lot from home and sitting all day isn’t ideal. There is no question of the health benefits (“Are You Sitting Down? Why a Stand-Up Desk Might Save Your Life” ) and history of standing desks (“Become a Stand-Up Guy: The History, Benefits, and Use of Standing Desks”). Many famous people, including Hemingway, used a standing desk for their work.

One of the most interesting designs I have found has been from a company called Tinkering Monkey. However, since they are located in Oakland CA and only deliver locally, I was left with designing and building (having it built for me rather) my own desk.

Building your own standing desk gives you some liberty over the design and color. Rather than just straight industrial raw wood look, I wanted something that fits with furniture I already own. For my designes I borrowed heavily from Tinkering Monkey (footrest, measuring elbow height for table top) but added some features I would like in my own desk such as castors (or levelers) and a mid-century modern finish.

Here are my first set of designs:

StandUp Desk Design A

StandUp Desk Design B

StandUp Desk Design D

StandUp Desk Design E