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Local Trader is an application for LocalBitcoins. Use Local Trader to create and update advertisements, manage trades, send and download message attachments, release and fund trades, contact advertisers, or to handle payments. With LocalBitcoins you can trade Bitcoin and Ethereum locally or online.

Local Trader uses secure Oauth2 authentication for the LocalBitcoins services.

For authentication you will be taken to the LocalBitcoins website where you will need to authenticate as you would when logging into LocalBitcoins. Upon successful authentication you will be returned to the Local Trader application.

Local Trader request permissions for read, write and money_pin during authentication. The money_pin permission allows you to send money using your LocalBitcoins PIN code.

You created a PIN code as part of the LocalBitcoins registration and it is required to send Bitcoin from your wallet, and to fund or release trades. The PIN code is not the same as your 2-Factor Authentication (2FA).

View or manage your PIN code from your Profile page or use the mirror site for blocked regions.

Location – used for searching advertisers and creating new advertisement, but only if user requests it and gives the application permission.
Write sync settings – used for background syncing data for notifications.
Authenticate accounts – used for application authority for syncing data.

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