MQTT Alarm Panel

MQTT Alarm Panel

I recently developed an Alarm Control Panel for use with Home Assistant’s MQTT Manual Alarm Control Panel component. This project was built using a Raspberry Pi 3 and a 7″ Touchscreen display running Android Things. I have also built a version of the same application that runs on Android devices.

The hardware alarm panel acts as an interface for Home Assistant’s manual alarm control panel component. You can set the alarm state to away or home, or disarm the alarm using a code. In addition it has some nice features such as weather forecast and screen saver mode.

MQTT allows for communication between the hardware alarm panel and the manual alarm panel. The hardware alarm panel interface will reflect the current state of the manual alarm control panel component and vice versa. However, Home Assistant is responsible for triggering the alarm through automation and sensor states.

The full instructions and code to build both the Android and Android Things versions are available on GitHub.

• Android Things Build Instructions:

• Android Things Code:

• Android version for side loading:

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